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Birgitz, Tirol,

+43 650 9101894

Bei Anna Gabriele, einem Designlabel, findest du handgefertigte Schmuckstücke & Illustrationen, die Erzählungen und Lebensmomente verkörpern. Entdecke deine eigene Kreativität bei meinen Workshops oder staune über handgemachte Kostbarkeiten in meinem Shop.

Forest & Herbs

For this line of jewelry I collected herbs and plants from the forest. I dried them and took photos, which I turned into necklaces, rings and earrings. Wearing summer memories from north of the polar circle into winter, some of them with the mint colour of aurora borealis. I love that the jewerly reminds us of the old function of photos, to carry them with us as a memory until the colours fade away... nothing lasts for ever, but as long as it lasts it`s beautiful!