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Bei Anna Gabriele, einem Designlabel, findest du handgefertigte Schmuckstücke & Illustrationen, die Erzählungen und Lebensmomente verkörpern. Entdecke deine eigene Kreativität bei meinen Workshops oder staune über handgemachte Kostbarkeiten in meinem Shop.

Personalized jewelry


Här kommer jag att försöker skriva om mitt kreativa skapande och mitt dagliga varande regelbundet. Jag älskar att inspirera människor till att bli kreativa själva och att skapa nytt i gemenskap. Den här bloggen hoppas jag blir en sån plats där jag kan inspirera till nytt och skapa en plattform till utbyte och nya projekt!

Personalized jewelry

Gabi Salchner

During my time at markets I often get requests if I also make personalized jewelry. I have been thinking about it for a long time and in the last month I did my first project, which I would like to share with you. I made a set of jewelry of bridal flowers. It was an exciting process. The woman for whom I made the jewelry was very sentimental about her wedding and wanted a memory that added something special to the wedding photos that she already had, as its “a once in a lifetime” experience. First I tried to make jewelry of her wedding dress, but unfortunatly it didnt work out as I wanted. Sometimes its hard to make very fine contrasts and embroideries visible on my jewelry, which was the case with her white dress. So I decided to make jewelry out of her bridal flowers instead. She wanted both. We met inbetween and discussed her preffered shape and extract of the photos for the jewelry peaces. The flowers and colours of her bouquet are very dear to her, so I really wanted that the jewelry fullfilled her expectations. She was happy about the result and that made me very glad. The best gift for me is to give somebody something that touches their heart and is precious to them.

So I would like to offer individualized jewelry to more people. It is so much fun to work close with somebody and turn a special event or thing (beloved furniture, maybe part of your favourite dress,…) into a piece of jewelry that keeps your memory of it sacred. The price will differ a bit depending on what you want me to turn into jewelry, if you have your own photos or if I have to make them bymyself and also what kind and how many jewelry pieces you want. Anyway if you are interested we can talk about your wishes and if its possible to realise them or not and I am more than happy to give you a first offer.

If you would like individualised jewelry, contact me:

I am already excited to hear about your personal creative ideas and wishes.