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Bei Anna Gabriele, einem Designlabel, findest du handgefertigte Schmuckstücke & Illustrationen, die Erzählungen und Lebensmomente verkörpern. Entdecke deine eigene Kreativität bei meinen Workshops oder staune über handgemachte Kostbarkeiten in meinem Shop.

Growing up between and with different cultures


Här kommer jag att försöker skriva om mitt kreativa skapande och mitt dagliga varande regelbundet. Jag älskar att inspirera människor till att bli kreativa själva och att skapa nytt i gemenskap. Den här bloggen hoppas jag blir en sån plats där jag kan inspirera till nytt och skapa en plattform till utbyte och nya projekt!

Growing up between and with different cultures

Gabi Salchner

As I have 2 homes (or more), but two profound and grounding homes, I also wanted to make a jewelry- line of my "other home" in central Europe, in the middle of the Alps. Thats the place where I grew up most of my childhood- time. Its a special kind of home. As much as I can feel safe and protected by the mountains that build a safe and stable wall to the rest of the world, I can also feel trapped in between them with little space to live. But the place where I can feel most free is on the top of one of these “mama & papa mountains”. These earthy parents that protect us and give us the possibility to feel that everything is possible, when we have reached their peeks.

One thing I learned to appreciate by growing older and being blessed with 2 home countries is that I naturally learned to know by heart that there isn`t just one view of the world. There are a ton of different views of this world and no one keeps the knowledge of eternal truth. We are sooo shaped by the culture and family we grew up and which we live in. So also if we think we are "open minded", we should always be aware of our background, our most profound believes and our every day life, because it might shape us more than we ever thought. I know its something that seems very clear and logic, but we live in a time, where I have the impression that we tend to forget from where we come and that we all belong to the same world, that we all have the same rights to live a good and healthy life, no matter from where we come, what we believe in or how we dress. Our world can give us all a happy space to live in, but its our responsibility to be self aware, reflect on our choices and our ways to live, so we can provide a better world to everybody and also a safe and fruitful place for the next generation. 

But to come back to my choice of making the jewelry- collection "Hoamelig". It comes from these cultural differences, the security we find in our believes and what we are used to. I love that its possible to see a reflection of the culture and country in the furniture and clothes of local homes, moreover the traditional ones. I hope that reflecting about cultural differences and seeing the beauty in every culture can make us more soft hearted and open minded.