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Birgitz, Tirol,

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Bei Anna Gabriele, einem Designlabel, findest du handgefertigte Schmuckstücke & Illustrationen, die Erzählungen und Lebensmomente verkörpern. Entdecke deine eigene Kreativität bei meinen Workshops oder staune über handgemachte Kostbarkeiten in meinem Shop.

Christmas north of the polar circle


Christmas north of the polar circle

Gabi Salchner

The best place I know, to celebrate Christmas is north of the polar circle, in my second home village. Since I can remember Christmas up there was really special. As a child I remember there was nothing more exciting than waiting the whole day for Santa Claus to come. Skiing, playing in the snow and watching the traditional Swedish Christmas program on TV during the day, but with nothing else in mind than the evening. As it got later we were sitting starring out of the window into the dark with just some trees covered with snow to lighten up the landscape. I can still feel my excitement and the joy when he finally came. It was like magic when the sledge appeared with REAL dogs (I think my grandmother couldn’t find anybody who had reindeers and wanted to play Santa Claus, but we loved the dogs) and Santa Claus entered the house with lots of Christmas presents.

I still love to be up there in the darkest time of the year. Its like disappearing into an obscure and cozy hole filled with white and fluffy snow. That time of the year its very, very quiet in the village, you cant even here the water in the river, as its frozen. I still remember my grandfather when he used to say “pssst do you hear something?” and then he listened carefully and started laughing “There are no sounds, just silence. Its paradise.”

The best place to hide from everyday stress and craziness, a truly magic space to just be you and let got of everything else. Taking a time off in silence & in the middle of nowhere. And which time of the year could be better for something like that, than winter and Christmas?

Some pictures of my second home village in december from some years ago: