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Birgitz, Tirol,

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Bei Anna Gabriele, einem Designlabel, findest du handgefertigte Schmuckstücke & Illustrationen, die Erzählungen und Lebensmomente verkörpern. Entdecke deine eigene Kreativität bei meinen Workshops oder staune über handgemachte Kostbarkeiten in meinem Shop.


Christmas north of the polar circle

Gabi Salchner

The best place I know, to celebrate Christmas is north of the polar circle, in my second home village. Since I can remember Christmas up there was really special. As a child I remember there was nothing more exciting than waiting the whole day for Santa Claus to come…

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White flowers & colourful patterns

Gabi Salchner

Here are some more rings and earrings. I love that every piece of jewelry has a story, the blue- lila pattern I found on an old dress and the white one with flowers is from an old cloth. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the original white- flower- pattern. But there is a story behind all of them. My sister just looks so beautiful and with the jewelry she shines even more ;) .

green- blue flowers

Gabi Salchner

Today I want to present an other ring of my new jewelry line, enjoy & feel funky!

Red flowers

Gabi Salchner

Found this pattern on an old beautiful bench and chair. Love the feeling of wearing the spirit of beautiful, dreamy places with me. Make your life more colourful with red flowers 😊 & "dance as though no one is watching. Love as though you've never been hurt. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth "

New line of jewelry

Gabi Salchner

The last weeks I have been working on a new line of jewelry. The idea was to capture the beautiful patterns on old furnitures, clothes, wallpapers and turn them into handmade jewelry. So I have been photographing a lot and I am very happy with the result. Today I want to present one of the new rings and earrings. The pattern on these rings and earrings comes from a woven carpet that I photographed in an old swedish house. I love the colours and the fact that the jewelry makes it possible to wear a handwoven carpet in a different shape on your body. By honouring the old tradition of weaving I wanted to shape a new way of keeping it alive. Keep handicraft alive!

A feeling like walking on an other planet

Gabi Salchner

Finally its colder here in Västerbotten and the ocean is frozen. Yesterday when I walked with Precious along the shore we had the feeling or I had the feeling as if we were walking on mars or something, -20 degrees and a spectacular view.

Day at the ocean

Gabi Salchner

The ocean is one of the most amazing things nature gave us. It can calm us down and give us peace in stressful times. Its power is infinite like the horizon that shows us the force we didn't know, that we had inside us. I have been walking along the shore this weekend, enjoying a Christmas market at the sea and just looking at the sunset. Grateful for all these beautiful moments.

Winter paradise

Gabi Salchner

I have been very lucky today. Walking through the most beautiful landscape you can imagine. Winterwonderland, right in front of our door.

Fotos of my new jewelry

Gabi Salchner

I have been making fotos of my new jewelry, its been freezing cold and its not easy because there is so little light during the day. Moreover it has been cloudy, but I am quiet satisfied with the result. Hope people like it and can imagine what the jewelry looks like. I have been working on my online shop too:


Fashion dance Performance

Gabi Salchner

I have been very lucky these days, because I had the honour to work together with a very talented and wonderful woman, Sigrid Wenter. The clothes she designs are really unique and gorgeous. In this spirit she also presented them. Combined with a ballad she wrote by herself and turned into a piece of music she showed her fabulous work in a very touching dance performance that underlined the spirit of her clothes even more. It was a real pleasure to see my jewlery being a part of such a piece of art!

Cary the summer forest & herbs into winter

Gabi Salchner

I have just finished my new line of jewelry, which I am selling together with the clothes of Sigrid Wenter. The opening day at her Atelier in Innsbruck was great. She makes really beautiful clothes and they fit just perfect with my jewelry. I have been collecting herbs and plants from the forest. Then I dried the plants and made fotos of them. Finally I turned them into jewelry. A unique way to keep summer feelings alive during winter.


Exhibition galleri Engleson

Gabi Salchner

I had an exhibition together with my mum end of August, beginning of September in the old town of Stockholm. It was very nice to be part of the "old town flair" and to be able to show and sell my artwork and jewelry in such a central part of Stockholm.

Traveling with my dog

Gabi Salchner

I have been thinking about a smart way of traveling with my dog as I want to take her with me on trains and busses and have some sleep overs at different places. There are always lots of things I need to take with me. So, I have been sewing a dog- travel- bag and I am very happy with the result and so is Precious. Now its much easier to travel with my pooch.

Konststig 2016

Gabi Salchner

We had some beautiful days in Lainio, up to 30 degrees, during our annual art walk, konststigen. Lots of nice people & fun meetings. An otherwise empty village became lively again.


Gabi Salchner

Tried to burn my paper clay sculptures in a gas kiln, that we newly bought. Unfortunately there was a flame coming out of the burner at an unexpected place, so I decided to start build a wood heated kiln to be safe. But its really fun to work with paper clay and do the raku burning as you can work easily in so many different shapes and the burning process and outcome is always a bit of a surprise.

Pajala marknad

Gabi Salchner

This weekend I have been selling my jewelry, post cards and art prints at a market in Pajala, Sweden. There are over 300 sellers and 40.000 visitors. It was really fun to be part of such a big market far in the north. A little village in the middle of the wilderness, that gets so busy and lively in just some days is really fun.

The green house north of the polar circle

Gabi Salchner

This is my sacred place, when the weather is getting rough here north of the polar circle. A place to read or just letting my thoughts wander. Enjoying the green of the plants, their beauty and the silence. Its like sitting in a cosy green cocoon, while the rain is falling and the storm is blowing.

Discovery of beautiful old furniture in the empty house of my great- grandparents

Gabi Salchner

Just got caught up by all the old things and the soul of former times. A place that carried me away into an other world. Tried to catch the atmosphere with some fotos.